ABT Du Brush Pen Set Pastel Colours PK12 with 3 fineliners

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Brush Pen with two tips. The fine tip is mainly used, when drawing exact lines. The second tips is thicker and flexible like a brush.
Water-based colours can be mixed together and used as watercolours. Perfect for creating cards, producing motifs, sketching, drawing comics, illustrating and much more.
The fineliner MONO drawing pen is suitable for technical drawings, illustrations, outlines, comics, Manga, sketch notes, doodling, urban sketching and much more. Each pen has a line width of 01 (approx. 0.24mm), 03 (approx. 0.35mm) and 05 (approx. 0.46mm). Due to the long metal nib the fineliner is convenient for utilising templates and rulers.

  • Type: Fineliner & Felt Tip Pens
  • Manufacturer: Tombow
  • Brand: Tombow
  • Colour: Assorted Colours
  • Form: Fibre Tip Pens
  • Tip Size: Fine Point
  • Ink Type: Waterbased Ink
  • Barrel Colour: As Ink
  • Ink Colour: Cool Grey, Pale Yellow, Mint, Sap Green, Sky Blue, Process Blue, Mist Purple, Purple Sage, Orchid, Pink, Carnation, Pale Cherry
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