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Accuratus 260 Hi Vis USB Keyboard | 8ACCKYBAC260HIVISUP

£19.37 Ex. VAT

The Accuratus 260 Hi-Vis range opens up new opportunities for those with impaired eye site. It has been widely recognised that people with impaired sight respond more positively to Yellow fonts on a Black background. With its Black background and enlarged Yellow font the Accuratus Hi-Vis is a cost effective assistant.

In a full size Windows layout with full height shaped keys on a contoured inclined base, the 260 provides hours of comfortable typing. Next to the right hand shift key we have included our patented one touch Euro key to make inputting of the Euro symbol simple and easy with one touch. You will not be disappointed with the Accuratus 260, the original and professional typing keyboard.

If the 260 is not enough for you why not take a look at the Monster 2 that has keys more than double the size of a conventional board. In fact, from lower case standard to multi mixed monster boards Accuratus have many solutions for people with special needs and for education.

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