Chartwell Survey Book Dimension Weather Resistant 80pg 2142Z

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Top opening dimension book. Produced to the highest specification using 50% rag bond paper with high cotton content giving excellent tear resistance and strength when wet. Strength of writing surface is retained when dried even after being subjected to adverse site or weather conditions. 160 pages printed with permanent waterproof ink. Casebound wipe clean covers and traditionally sewn in sections with rot-proof thread to withstand even the most demanding environments. Covers fold flat for ease of use. Ruled blue lines. Numbered 1 up to each opening. 80 leaves. Size: 106x205mm.

  • Type: Survey Books
  • Manufacturer: ExaClair Limited
  • Brand: Chartwell
  • Size: Other Sizes
  • Rulings: Dimension Book
  • Binding: Casebound Book
  • Pages: 80 Sheets
  • Weatherproof: Yes
  • Dimensions: 130x205mm
  • Availability: 65 in stock

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