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Devolo Powerline 1200 Plus Gigabit | 8DVL9371

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The dLAN? 1200+ Powerline adapter gives you the most powerful home network directly over your electrical wiring. Connect all of your network-compatible devices at up to 1200 Mbps for high-performance data transmission and a fast Internet connection. The adapter is compatible with all common Internet routers and provides a steady, high-speed signal throughout the home.
The devolo dLAN? 1200+ adapter is equipped with a Gigabit LAN port, which you can use to easily connect your smart TV, computer or game console to the Internet using network cables. The adapter uses range+ Technology, which ensures stable connections with significantly longer ranges. This also makes it possible to enjoy a constant, high-speed signal on cable lengths of up to 300 metres.
The devolo dLAN? 1200+ Powerline adapter eliminates the need for complicated wiring and lets you take advantage of all of the possibilities offered by your home network directly through any electrical socket. Plug in the adapter wherever you need an Internet connection, whether at the desk for your computer or in the living room for your smart TV or game console. The Internet signal is transmitted directly over the electrical wiring. Just connect the terminal devices using network cables and connect the Powerline adapter to the nearest electrical socket.

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