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Doro 1360 easy to use Candy Bar phone | 8DO7380

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The Doro 1360 mobile phone is designed with hearing loss in mind. Also ideal for the elderly, the Doro 1360 offers simplicity so you can effortlessly take advantage of the fundamental communication feature such as calls and texts with ease. If you?re looking for a dual SIM phone that is extra loud with a built-in camera facility and assistance button then the Doro 1360 is a great choice. Text messaging is made easier with the tactile, high contrast keys that are widely spaced for fingers that are less dextrous than they used to be. View your favourite photos on an extra wide screen and access all the latest news with the Doro 1360?s FM-radio. There?s even a handy torch function so you?re not left in the dark and the added security of knowing the assistance button is available in times of emergency.

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