Guildhall Headliner Account Book 298x273mm 6 Deb 12 Cred 80P

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Cut away pages mean the column headings need only be written once and remain visible throughout the book. Casebound, hardback burgundy vinyl cover to meet the most demanding professional standards. Each book contains 80 pages of precision ruled 95gsm ledger quality paper to ensure that both sides can be written on in ink. Traditionally sewn to ensure that the pages lay completely flat making it easier to write entries. Tamper proof as they are sewn in sections making it impossible to remove a page without destroying the integrity of the binding. Individually shrink-wrapped. Size: 298x273mm (113/4×103/4in). 6/12 Petty Cash columns.

  • Type: Accounts Books
  • Manufacturer: ExaClair Limited
  • Brand: Guildhall
  • Cover Colour: Red
  • Size: Other Sizes
  • Rulings: 6/12 Petty Cash
  • Pages: 80 Pages
  • Binding: Casebound Book
  • Grammage: 95gsm
  • Dimensions: 298x273mm
  • Availability: 6 in stock

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