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iPad NF1200 Adult Electrode Pads (Pair) | 11971WC

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Electrode pads are an essential tool in the lifesaving process when someone has suffered a cardiac arrest and you are looking to use a defibrillator to provide immediate treatment. Without them, treatment cannot be provided to the patient.
However, they are one-use only pieces of equipment, meaning that once treatment has been provided to the patient, they have to be disposed of. And they are, unfortunately, very easy to damage, which is why they always come pre-packaged in a foil or plastic casing prior to use.
Exclusively designed for the i-PAD NF1200 defibrillator, the pre-connected i-PAD NF1200 Adult Electrode Pads are vital to the lifesaving process and having a spare pair to hand ensures you are completely rescue-ready in an emergency.

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