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Multy U AC2100 Tri Band WiFi System x2 | 8ZYWSR30EU0201F

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The Zyxel Multy U is a premium Tri-Band WiFi system designed for your home. Innovative leather strap to the Multy U units provides the option of hanging it in elevated position enabling it to have better WiFi performance. Tri-band powered with the latest wireless technology, enables one band dedicated to connecting the Multy U units together with wired-like speed!
The biggest highlight of Multy U is the X-shaped transparent zone. It shows the status of the product through a set of colours. The Multy U is designed to be fresh and youthful, catering to those who need the extra flair in their digital lives. The Multy U invites you to put the device in sight while giving you a top of the line WiFi experience.

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