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OKI 44844472 Black Drum 30K | OK44844472

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Choose genuine Oki 44844472 image drums from our website in order to achieve great print results. Oki is an American company that is renowned for its use of revolutionary toners, which ensure that your printer will produce excellent documents and photos. Using original Oki 44844472 imaging drums with your printer will result in prints with no toner spatter on the paper and with characters that are crisp and sharp. Oki 44844472 image drums allow businesses to provide customers with excellent quality prints at a fast turnaround and at reasonable prices. Oki 44844472 image drums are designed so that they can work at lower temperatures than those of most printers, meaning that printing speeds are higher and that the printer does not require time to warm up. Oki image drums are also extremely easy to fit and are reliable, ensuring that you achieve excellent results every time. Use genuine Oki 44844472 drums whether you print at home or at the office, and you will get great prints.

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