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SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD 2.5 inch 250GB | 8SASDSSDH3250GG25

£61.81 Ex. VAT

Accelerate your PC for faster boot-up and blazing-fast gaming and graphics when you upgrade to a SanDisk Ultra??3D SSD. You?ll notice that applications load faster and files move quicker?plus you?ll get longer battery life and much cooler, quieter computing. No matter how you use your PC, SanDisk?s powerful 3D NAND and nCache 2.0 technologies make for a better experience, delivering lightning-fast speed and staying power whether you?re strafing the enemy, editing video or just surfing the Internet. Proven shock and vibration resistance mean you won?t lose your data even if you drop your computer. When you?re ready for a better computing experience the SanDisk Ultra?3D SSD catapults your performance to new levels.

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