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Startech 3m USBC Cable with 5A Power Delivery MM | 8STUSB2C5C3M

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With up to 5A (100W) of power output, you can use this USB-C™ to USB-C cable to power and charge a USB-C laptop, such as your Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook or Chromebook Pixel™, using a USB-C wall charger, car charger or power bank. Or, you can power your laptop from a USB-C docking station.

Fast-charge your mobile devices
The 5A of Power Delivery lets you charge your mobile devices faster than with a regular USB-C 2.0 cable, which is perfect for people on the move. Decrease your charge times and make sure your mobile devices are ready, whenever you need them while you?re on the road.

The long cable lets you overcome distance restrictions and stay connected. You can take?notes in a boardroom, catch?up on emails in your hotel room, or read?in a coffee shop.

Provide superior connections with USB-IF certified cables
The USB Type-C cable has undergone rigorous compliance testing and is certified by USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) to meet all?USB 2.0 specifications. This includes all environmental, electrical and mechanical standards, which ensures a reliable and high-quality cable for all of your USB-C devices.

The USB2C5C3M from StarTech.com is backed by a 2-year warranty for guaranteed reliability.

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