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Startech 6in Round SATA to Right Angle SATA Cable | 8STLSATARND6R1

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The?LSATARND6R1?6-inch Round SATA cable is a high quality SATA 6Gbps cable that features a rounded design to help improve airflow inside a computer or server case by providing less resistance as air passes around the cable, in turn helping to ensure cooling for improved?system performance.?

The cable features one straight latching SATA connector,?as well as a right-angled latching SATA connector that makes it easier to connect your SATA drive even if space near the drive is limited. The latching connectors also ensure secure connections to SATA hard drives and motherboards that support this feature.

Designed for optimum performance and reliability, this 6”?SATA cable is backed by our lifetime warranty.

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