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Tripp Lite HDMI In Line Signal Booster Extender 1080p 60Hz Up to 125ft TAA | 8TLB12200060

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HDMI Booster Extends High-Definition 1080p Video and Digital Audio Signals up to 125-ft. (38.1 m). Don’t let HDMI’s 16-ft. (4.88 m) distance limitation limit your audio/video application. This in-line HDMI signal extender boosts your 1080p transmission up to 125-ft. (38.1 m) from the source device without a drop in signal quality. This gives you the flexibility to hide your Blu-ray player or media server away in a secure, remote location for controlled access, while delivering video to an HDMI display somewhere else.
The B122-000-60 is recommended for digital signs or video presentations in schools, conference rooms, retail displays, trade show booths and anywhere else you need to display high-definition video.

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